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LogScope - An Effective Communication Tool

LogScope ( ) is being used in the field as an effective communications tool. Go to the webinar here A user indicated that it allowed:

1) Speedy qc of data,

The QC of logging usually involved collaboration with different logging vendors and being able to illustrate quickly the points associated with acquisition allowed the user to quickly solve issues and ensure the data was accurately acquired.

2) Ability to accurately QC completion intervals,

Being able to touch the screen and have the depth and assign an interval provided an effective and fast way of picking completion intervals. Combined with pinch and squeeze allowed the user to directly go to the recommended depth intervals that were candidates and illustrate in an effective and timely manner.

3) Collaboration,

At the well site and during operations the ability to explain and proactively show people of all disciplines the data acquired in the well allowed the efficient and timely supplies ordering regardless of location and time.

4) Trouble shoot erroneous KB elevations and allow accurate picking of TD.

During the drilling campaign the user found the tool to be effective in showing and illustrating problems associated with KB elevation as well as helping in allowing everyone to participate in picking of TD of the well in question.

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