LogScope Petrophysical Course

November 14, 2018

Harvey Rock Physics are planning on Wednesday, 5th December 2018 from 9:00 am in the morning to 3:00pm in afternoon a short introductory log analysis course that is computer assisted. 


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Intended Audience:  Any person who has a rudimentary understanding of logs and needs to compute porosity, saturation and clay content.


Whats Required: An attendee will need to have a Windows laptop/tablet with Windows 10 or iPad device in order to attend the course. We will send registrants a link to download LogScope prior to the course


Cost:  Course is no charge and includes a 30 day license for  LogScope. Note that there is a limit of 10 people for the course. Once this is reached the reservations will be closed. 


Course Outline:


The course will go through the steps of:



Loading data from LAS/DLIS file;

Presenting a simple composite plot which includes basic Plot and curve functionality; 

LogScope editing functionality



What each curve measures and purpose in evaluation

Review of different lithologies and their responses;


1:00pm - 2:00pm


Computation of the following:

- Vclay from Neutron-Density and Gamma Ray

- Porosity computation - apparent, effective and total

- Rt computation 

- Computation of effective saturation from a resistivity based equation

- Volumetrics

- TOC computation

- Simple Hydrocarbon volume report




Cross section of multiple wells 

Multi well log analysis capability 



All steps of the course will be hands on using a standard data set that is similar to a Permian basin data set.




3:00pm - 4:00pm


Time for course attendees to practice and ask questions.

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