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Where Does LogScope Store Data?

LogScope stores the data on the device you are using and has the ability archive the complete data set (with export module) as a compressed archive for storage and sharing. One can load into LogScope on ipad directly from DropBox or other cloud based solutions and web based data retreival services. On Windows you can download the data and load direct into LogScope. Some applications (Box and DropBox for example) present as retreival options. Thus LogScope:

  • Read LAS and DLIS

  • Data is stored locally on tablet or desktop

  • Projects can easily be archived for reuse by other LogScope users


  • Plot templates can be saved and shared


  • Plots can be created as CGM/PDF 


  • Data can be exported as CSV, LAS and DLIS

  • Functionality is gesture based.


  • Advanced Display allows waveforms and images to be displayed and loaded.

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