Petrophysical Image Interpretation

Raw data is mandatory

- A Gaussian distribution reflects the character of the electrical current flowing through the rock

- The histogram shows the distribution of raw data.

From the distribution we construct trends that represent grainsize porethroat size and permeability

Petrophysical image interpretation is a way of taking the borehole images and producing a grainsize, porethroat and permeability distribution and vales that describe the rock. It is mandatory to have the raw data as this has a distribution that is gaussian in character.

All imaging tools can be used. The example below was completed about 3 years prior to the actual interval presented being perforated. HRP recommended a number of intervals and when this particular interval was perforated this year, it yielded a reasonable oil flow. Contact us here to maximize the value from your borehole image data. 

Permian  example