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Petrophysical Image Interpretation:
A Necessity for Optimal Resource Extraction


Petrophysical image interpretation is a crucial process in the field of geology and resource extraction. It involves the analysis of borehole images to derive a comprehensive understanding of the rock’s grainsize, porethroat size, and permeability. This information is vital in determining the potential for resource extraction and the best methods to employ. The raw data used in this process follows a Gaussian distribution, reflecting the character of the electrical current flowing through the rock. This distribution is visualized through a histogram, which provides a clear and concise representation of the raw data.

The interpretation of this data allows us to construct trends that represent the grainsize, porethroat size, and permeability of the rock. These trends are essential in understanding the rock’s structure and potential for resource extraction. It’s important to note that the raw data is mandatory for this process, as it provides the foundation for these interpretations. Without it, the resulting trends would lack the accuracy and reliability needed for effective resource extraction planning.


All imaging tools can be used in this process, providing flexibility and adaptability. For instance, an interval recommended by HRP  was perforated, yielding a reasonable oil flow. This demonstrates the effectiveness and accuracy of petrophysical image interpretation in predicting resource extraction outcomes. By utilizing this service, you can maximize the value from your borehole image data, leading to more efficient and profitable resource extraction operations. Contact us to learn more about how petrophysical image interpretation can benefit your operations.

All imaging tools can be used. The example below was completed about 3 years prior to the actual interval presented being perforated. HRP recommended a number of intervals and when this particular interval was perforated this year, it yielded a reasonable oil flow. Contact us here to maximize the value from your borehole image data. 
Permian  example
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