LogScope is an innovative app which brings the power of analysis to your iPad or your Windows Tablet.  You can: 
  • Load DLIS, LAS files direct from email 
  • Plot tracks
  • Plot Waveforms
  • Insert comments
  • Perform Log Analysis
  • Write Scripts
  • Deviated Plots
  • Export  DLIS, PDF, CGM, Well Projects  and more via email, or to the cloud.
  • Multi well analysis allows multiple wells to be evaluated.
  • Cross section capability added

​Webinars showing a brief video can be viewed here

LogScope is easy to use and works on a Windows, iPad and iPad Pro tablets.

Users say " It was fabulous for monitoring LWD results and picking TD at 3 am in the morning. Easy to use."  

"I'm extremely pleased with the LogScope package."

Plots and Cross Plots

LogScope allows you to use the following components in a plot


  • Curves

  • Curve Shading

  • VDL/Waveform plots

  • Colour images

  • Text

You can change scales by "pinch and squeeze" or selecting your scale by touching the scale number st the top of the screen.

Mathematical Functions

Solver and Python scripting can use Zones to choose various parameters for different equations. To be released shortly is the ablity to manipulate arrays. Recently we have created a library for performing some inhouse analysis on fracture aperture arrays like on  the example below.

The initial version of LogScope will only allow you to plot a recognised plot with a LAS file. The package has a number of modules which are arranged as per the following table. Most modules have a prerequisite of the Display module. To make things simpler we have four packages: 

Basic Display 

Basic Display Plus Basic Log Analysis 

Advanced Bundle

Advanced Display Plus Advanced Log Anaysis

which will allow you to choose the capability that meets your needs. The diagram shows the matrix of capabilities. You can buy a subscription for individual modules (subject to prerequisites) or a bundle and on 90 or 365 day basis. For other needs contact us here

On the iPad we have a conduit for Halliburton's Xspace data delivery system. View your data directly on your iPad 

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