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LogScope which is the flagship product allows any depth indexed data to be displayed on any iOS device or windows device.  It is compact and can be downloaded in seconds from the Microsoft Windows Store or the Apple App Store.  To review its capabilities click on the Image.

Harvey Rock Physics has developed a number of products in the LogScope Family These products are developed on new architecture and run on Windows, iOS and now MACOS on the Apple M1/2 processors.

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LogScope Fiber allows the management of hundreds of Gigabytes of data. It allows the user to quickly view and interrogate the fiber data in a timely manner to improve decision making and independently extract value from the data. Hence, allowing vast amounts of the fiber data to be used in an effective way.


LogScope Slipstream allows a variety of non-conventional slimhole logging formats to be directly converted to DLIS. The DLIS files incorporate color images from tools like Optical Televiewers in the DLIS file which is directly read by LogScope

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