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Finger Perfect Cross Plots - LogScope

Last week HRP had a webinar which outlined the basic Cross Plot capabilities of LogScope. Simply put, you can plot X, Y cross plots with an optional Z axis and use all the Tablet gesture functionality to highlight the particular data that you are interested in. Of particular interest is the ability to draw with your finger around a group of points and perform regression or simply flag these points as illustrated in the figure below

Basic cross plot with points circled

For those of you who don't have time to review the instructions. View the videos here:






Crossplots can be viewed by tapping the crossplot icon in the bottom tab bar. The curves that are to be cross plotted can be presented by simply tapping X or Y curve and Z curve as shown in Figure 1 below. Note that the data will not be displayed until all three curves are selected. Figure 2 shows the menu associated with setting desired properties.

Figure 1 Base Cross plot

Figure 2 Axis definition

With the Log Analysis module you can have predefined templates with the matrix lines. Most service companies are covered.

Figure 3 Density Neutron Cross plot with Matrix line and log analysis parameters


Zone Support

  • Data is viewed by zone for log analysis cross plots

  • Various cross plot parameters are displayed as points on the crossplot canvas

  • Swipe to the left (outside the crossplot canvas) to display the log analysis menu

Figure 4 Cross plot with interactive parameter points and log analysis menu



Region functionality is available as part of the log analysis module. From the Region menu, tap on “Add Region” to enter region mode as illustrated in Figure 5

Figure 5: Cross plot with interactive parameter points and log analysis menu with region selection

In region mode, you may lasso points that appear on the crossplot canvas. Selected points are highlighted green.

The menu offers the following:

  • Add Region causes future selections on the crossplot to add to the current region.

  • Remove Region causes future selections on the crossplot to remove from the current region.

  • Clear Regions unselects all selected points.

  • Write As Flag

  • Clear All clears the region flag completely

  • Clear Selected clears the region flag based on the current selection

  • 0 to 5 sets the region flag to the specified number, based on the selection

  • Regression Line will attempt to fit various functions to the selected data and will display the lines on the plot and equations in a table as shown in Figure 6

  • Exit Region Mode Clears the selection and exits from region mode

Figure 6 Regression line


Saving Cross Plots

Cross plots can be saved as shown in Figure 7 by selecting save.

Figure 7 - Saving Cross plots

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