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Loading Color Images in LogScope

HRP has added the capability to load color images into LogScope. This capability is available in the advanced display module which is available here

The methodology is outlined in the manual here and summarised as follows:

Full color pictures can be added to a plot by adding images. The methodology for Windows and iPad differ slightly in that the Windows device can load images from disk whilst the iPad at this particular point in time can only display preloaded images.

Examples of full color images are shown below. Left is true color and right is monochrome false color.

Full color pictures added in Windows are added by tapping the ellipsis symbol button and loaded as shown in Figure below If the file name contains depths, LogScope will automatically assign the depth to the particular file. We recommend that the depths be as follows in the file name for smooth loading: “text_XXXXXXX_YYYYYYY.jpeg” where X and Y represent the start and stop depth of the core. The units can be M, MM, Inches and Feet.

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