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Drilling Data - Fast!

HRP has been approached by a number of drilling companies to be able to review and load data quickly. This data is usually stored in a file that broadly follows the LAS 2 standard but is not LAS 2 compliant.

LogScope solves the following issues:

  • Load the time based LAS data and display in depth

  • Choose the time range to load.

  • Provide simple gaussian smoothing and step function interpolation.

The value is as follows:

  • Quick loading of the data

  • Ability to review data with other logs

  • Allows the drilling engineer to see and calculate parameters relevant to bit selection, mud weight etc.

An example of the resultant plot is shown below

Drilling Data Plot

The data is loaded by simply double clicking on the LAS file and the following window is presented for loading:



The user specifies the smoothing or interpolation function as shown below



The following video shows the workflow for an example data set

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