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LAM Preview: Multi-well Petrophysical Interpretation

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

HRP has developed and will be shortly releasing a multi-well module for petrophysical evaluation. This module is designed to leverage the latest advances in operating systems, hardware and industry methodologies. This will allow the user to perform the following general tasks:

  • Specify a group of wells from a map view or filtered list

  • Select processing parameters from multi-well cross plots or seed with a master well

  • Compute large well counts greater than 1,000 (limitations are based on hardware)

  • Perform a full deterministic analysis on all selected wells and report the following:

  • Wells the completed without error

  • Wells that failed to complete and the reason why


LogScope LAM provides the user with the following options in the log analysis:

  • Complete deterministic analysis using combination or summation of the following:

  • Deterministic Mineral Model

  • Silty Shaley Sand

  • Dual Water Model

  • Advance modules can also be executed in multi-well mode:

  • Geomechanical rock properties

  • Passey based TOC, Kerogen, etc.

  • Coal bed methane


LogScope LAM can calculate results based on the following

  • User defined wells

  • Formation controlled zones

  • Global parameters defined via cross plots or direct parameter inputs


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