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Comprehensive plots with headers and Core Photos and Core Data

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

HRP has added to LogScope the ability to define headers that include all the standard API components and allows freeform image files to be included. Print layout templates can be saved for use elsewhere. An example is below and at end of this article


HRP were recently asked how simple it is to load core photographs and data such as routine core analysis into LogScope™. HRP has created the following videos to illustrate how it can be loaded quickly.

This process can be done on iPhone, iPad and Windows devices. There data can be integrated with an analysis like that shown below. The first plot is a 1:200 plot showing all the information associated with the interpretation.

It also includes the core information and loading of that information is completed by following the videos referenced here. The process is simple and easy and is illustrated in the following videos taken from Knowledge Base articles on the support site

The core photos and discrete data can be loaded on either platform as per the videos below.


iOS Core photo Loading on iPhone


Windows 10 Loading of Core photos


iOS Discrete Data Loading


Windows 10 Discrete Data Loading


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