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How to Register for LogScope

Where Does LogScope Store It's Data?

LogScope was designed to store its data on the machine you work on. So if you ar using an iPad the data gets stored right on the iPad. Similarly on Windows the data is stored right on your device. You don't need an internet connection or anything. The data is stored right there. HRP recommend that you utilise the export to project feature to save a copy.


To access the full functionality of LogScope one needs to register. This is done by either clicking on the portrait icon or the settings menu on the iPad and select account as show in the pictures below:

If you don't have an account register by tapping "I don't have an account" and register. You will enter your username and password. An email will be sent to your account to confirm. Confirm then login and you will see the following under each icon. On the iPad you have to navigate through settings to account. This is a difference between the Windows and iPad environments

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