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LogScope Updated

HRP has updated LogScope with some exciting new capabilities and made some improvements to the stability of the software. Contact us here.

LogScope files can be seamlessly copied from Windows to iPad and vice versa. This means you can use the files on your Windows machine in the office and on your iPad at home.

The following capabilities are new to the program:

  • DLIS read and write capability

  • ASCII CSV export of log data

  • Ability to display Color Images from core or other sources

  • Improved Log Analysis capability with the provision of Hydrocarbon correction. Includes new cross plots.

To improve and sustain support of the package HRP has had to make modifications to the free evaluation license. Users will now have to register to continue to use the simple three track presentation.

The user simply uses their email address to register. When you register you will receive an email which requires confirmation before you can continue.

By registering the user is eligible for a 7 day free trial of all the modules in LogScope.

HRP has added a lot of additional capabilities to LogScope mainly revolving around the implementation of color images to display. This can be used to display core pictures, 360 degree scans.

An innovation of HRP allows for these images to be included in a DLIS export. LogScope can read and write these DLIS files. Other packages will be able to read the files but will not see the encoded true color images.

HRP has developed a module that allows the OPTV data to be loaded into a DLIS from a variety of different formats.

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