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Python Scripting in LogScope

LogScope has a scripting module that can be used to manipulate both single value curves and arrays. The module uses Python code so pretty much any python code can be edited to fit into the LogScope model. The module is available here

LogScope has the ability to call parameters out of the zone parameter file so a simple algorithms like the one below just has to use the matrix density from the log analysis to be tightly integrated. This is done by using the r.z.param where the param is any parameter in the zone file. These can be ones for the Log Analysis or it might exist in a new group created by the user. The parameter types are shown below

An example of code is shown here in the following example which computes porosity from the density log:


# This gives us access to the math module

import math

global math

# This allows simple_func to be accessed within loop_iterate

global mat_den

def mat_den(mat, den):

return mat-den

def loop_iterate(r):

# Is there a value for RHOB?

if (r.i.rhob != None):


# Run our simple mat_den function

r.o.deltaden= mat_den(r.p.rhoma, r.i.rhob)


The scripting menu looks like the following:

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