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Cooper-Eromanga Wireline Data Set

HRP has built and is licensing a standardised wireline data set of approximately 500 wells in the Cooper-Eromanga. This data is designed for direct entry into reservoir modelling and reservoir simulation software as used in the Oil and Gas industry.

The data is supplied in LAS 2.0 standard and has the following information:

  • Fully populated API header with each hole size section having documented mud and temperature properties

  • Spontaneous Potential has been drift corrected so the shales approximate 0 mv

  • Tool pickup and casing effects have been removed

  • Cycle skips on the sonic log have also been removed.

  • Where available in digital format, the mudlogs and drilling curves are also included.

The wells available are summarised spatially on a map below. An example of the data quality is shown in the attached files: Acrasia 2. A list of all the wells are here ,

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