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NW Shelf Vintage Dipmeter/Borehole Image Data

HRP has acquired vintage borehole image and dipmeter data. It is available for licensing. Over 60 wells on the North West Shelf of Western Australia are available. The data set includes four arm, eight arm and image data of varying vintages. The data extends from North Rankin to Kelp (although the offshore Canning Basin is not included). A map of the wells available is shown below. A list of wells and data contained is shown here

The data has generally been transcribed from 7 track to 9 track and recalibrated against field prints. The coverage is generally good with most wells covering the intervals that are considered prospective on the NW Shelf.

HRP has the facilities to continue 7 to 9 track conversion and would be willing to discuss favourable terms to improve the database we currently have. The data available for licensing has been:

  • Transcribed to DLIS

  • Has a pdf

  • The images are supplied with false colour image of pads

  • Stress plots from the callipers are provided.

An example of the quality of the data is here

To discuss purchasing the data contact HRP here


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