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LogScope - Mobility and Agility

Harvey Rock Physics presented LogScope at the 2016 Houston Chapter Software Show. Nicholas Harvey presented a live demonstration of LogScope preceded by a few slides.

Some interesting information was presented regarding the use and relevance of mobile applications and specifically LogScope.

Tablet applications as constrasted with monolithic on web based applications are generally:

  • Feature Rich

  • Flexible Usage

  • Can be used on iPad and Windows Tablets

  • Usage Rates are high.

The short message was:

  • Nimble - Easy to use in wide variety of environments

  • Versatile - Provides depth indexed and cross plots

  • Compatible - Inputs and outputs LAS and DLIS

  • Uniquely positioned to take advantage of the data oceans of wireline data that form part of BigData in the Petroleum industry.

The demonstration showed that LogScope has an overwhelming number of features implemented that match a majority of the core capabilities of monolithic packages.


Why LogScope is an Effective Solution?

Time Spent per Adult User per Day with Digital Media, USA, 2008-2015

It is interesting to note that from the same article one can conclude that generally people use their smartphone or their tablet because:

  • Users don’t have to play a waiting game

  • The “App” is constantly there and available for use

  • Tactile interface is intuitive

  • Tablets and smart phones as a novelty went a long time ago. People have smaller number of task specific apps. Of which one dominates seen from the graph below:

Source ComScore

The ComScore publication makes even more interesting reading when you see that the statistics show that Tablet users are more dedicated to their top 4 to 5 applications than smart phone users.

BigData and LogScope

In the presentations at the Software Show there was considerable reference to BigData and being able to rapidly move through the oceans of data. The data available to the Oil and Gas industry is overwhelming however for a comparison, ComScore shows that mobile apps are driving the time spent in digital media.

We have some exciting things on the horizon with LogScope and it is uniquely positioned to help leverage such oceans of data in its domain. For example imagine being able to effectively sift, review and evaluate myriads of wireline logs in data rooms, from online repositories or your corporate data store from a tablet anywhere and anytime.

Source ComScore

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