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SPWLA 2019

Harvey Rock Physics will be at the SPWLA 2019 Symposium. We will be located at Booth 309 and showcasing new LogScope functionality, modules and new products:

LogScope Mobile is an ultra-portable version of LogScope that takes advantage of iPhone mobility, computational and display capabilities. Functionality is identical to LogScope “Full” such as:

  • ​​Well Display

  • Map displays

  • Cross sections

  • Multiple LAS file import

  • Basic and Advanced petrophysical modules:

  • Deterministic mineral model

  • Shaley sand model

  • Dual water model

  • Unconventional computations

  • Geomechanical computations

  • Cased hole computations

  • NMR T2 to porosity, vclay and permeability​


LogScope Fiber allows fiber optic data to be quickly viewed, selected and exported into DLIS or HDF5 file.

A few select capabilities in LogScope Fiber are as follows:

  • “Drag and Drop” Fiber data

  • DAS (Acoustic)

  • DTS (Temperature)

  • Select “zone of interest” using gesture or cursor

  • Export selected “down sampled” raw amplitude and/or frequency data in DLIS format


We will also be available to demonstrate LogScope capabilities and workflows on the following:

  • Cross-section generation

  • Multi-well Log Analysis

  • Simple single well analysis

  • Simple display of logs

  • iPhone Log display

  • Quick look Petrophysics for active well

  • Multi-Well Petrophysics for a basin update

  • LogScope NMR Module

  • Petrophysics made easy

  • Fiber Optic work flow for DAS and DTS data

More advanced features and functionality can be discussed at our booth

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