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Efficient Cross Sectioning

Updated: May 8, 2020

Fluid Energy Consultants have licensed LogScope to perform cross sections and basic geologic work with logs. LogScope provided them with the flexibility and capability to load over 1000 holes for one particular project where they are interested in correlating a particular formation.

The map below shows the extent of the well database they loaded. Shape files of the subgroup information and formation extent as well as permit boundaries can also be loaded to give context to the well correlation.

The objective of the project is to correlate the wells to get a visual perspective of thickness and extent of a particular formation. LogScope is also being used to compare this information with discrete analytical data from other sources. LogScope can load discrete data straight from excel spread sheets.

The time to load the wells and start producing cross sections was around 2 hours. Using the filter capability which has variety of tools including geographic area boxes, log filtering, formation presence or absence, cross sections are quickly created. A templating capability in the cross sections means consistency and uniformity within the cross section. Contact us at here to discuss how LogScope can help you improve efficiency and build better cross sections.

The smart logic in LogScope for formation name assignment means a formation top or base can be driven through the wells quickly and without repeatedly typing in the name or going to a formation name palette. One simply clicks on one well, enters the formation name. Then as one clicks from well to well it will use the closest formation (geographically and with depth) to assign the name.

LogScope can also be used to create shape files of statistical values for each formation at each well location which can be populated into a mapping package.

An example of the cross section they created is shown below from some of the wells.

The original cross section is here.

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