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Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Press Release

Biota launches LogScope DNA leveraging the Harvey Rock Physics LogScope platform for superior integration of microbial DNA data into petrophysical and geological models

Biota, the leader of industrial genomics, continues to expand their portfolio of integrated visualization and analysis tools, optimizing subsurface characterization to improve economics and sustainability throughout the asset life.

Biota Technology has collaborated with Harvey Rock Physics to revolutionize the visualization of their microbial DNA data, further improving reservoir and subsurface fluid movement characterization. This new tool supports Geoscientists and Petrophysicists to better understand and describe fluid properties, deliverability, and souring.

The seamless integration with LogScope provides a dynamic graphical environment to visualize digital DNA data with other subsurface data, enabling next-level data interrogation. LogScope DNA enables improved interpretation of integrated DNA data, providing a superior understanding and prediction of reservoir microbial processes such as hydrocarbon souring or biodegradation, which ultimately impact fluid quality, deliverability and overall economics.

By integrating into the Biota workflow, LogScope has enabled Biota to display their microbial DNA data and relate directly to other subsurface data and analysis available.

Translating DNA markers through reference data bases reveals the relative abundance of microbes from the Phylum to Species level. This classification enables insights into microbial metabolic pathways and with that reveal changes in for example sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) and related hydrocarbon souring potential. The microbial data can further enhance the understanding of thermal maturity and API gravity across the stratigraphy, key factors to determine producibility and recoverable reserves.

The seamless integration with LogScopeallows the systematic interrogation of DNA data from the Phylum to Species level in the petrophysical and geological context. The relative abundance of the various microbes is translated into easy-to-use logs that indicate e.g. souring risk or thermal maturity. The integration with LogScopeultimately enables non biologist to use and interpret DNA data and develop actionable insights.

LogScope further provides the presentation of data in a cross section using both measured depth and true vertical depth, enabling the correlation of DNA Stratigraphies between wells

In addition to using LogScope™ inhouse, the availability of the software on the Microsoft store and Apple App Store makes it an ideal solution for allowing the DNA marker data to be readily available to the client for manipulation and incorporation in further analysis.

LogScope™ has direct connectivity with OSDU and this further allows integration and storage of the DNA data for wider application.

Contact either Biota Technology or Harvey Rock Physics to discuss further how this can help you review your DNA data.

LogScope™ is a Petrophysical Evaluation software available from Harvey Rock Physics (HRP). LogScopeprovided BIOTA with a software platform for integration and interpretation of DNA Marker data, making DNA easy to use for geologists and petrophysicists

LogScope DNA™ was developed by Harvey Rock Physics (HRP) in conjunction with BIOTA to display and evaluate DNA marker data providing insight to total fluid movement.

BIOTA is the pioneer of Biosurveillance, leveraging industrial genomics to unlock the use of microbes as sensors and tracers, filling critical data gaps. Biota has a proven track record of improving reservoir economics and reducing environmental impact by characterizing subsurface fluid movement in conventional and unconventional plays.

Our range of innovative solutions continues to evolve at a fast pace, moving beyond upstream applications into also midstream asset integrity aspects as well as decarbonization applications.

Harvey Rock Physics (HRP) was established in 2011 and is a leader in petrophysical technologies specializing in mobile solutions. LogScope software is developed on modern code base allowing HRP to rapidly create modules that meet client needs. In this case, a DNA module was created per BIOTA’s specifications.

HRP is committed to providing innovative solutions on multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. By way of example, LogScope is available on iPhone, iPad and Windows Surface. These products are available through the Microsoft and Apple App Stores.

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