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LogScope Fiber Webinar

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) data is becoming a critical component of understanding well performance and well intervention. Companies have collected large amounts of data but are unable to view and interrogate it in a timely manner to improve decision making.

LogScope Fiber was developed to rapidly view, select, and analyze DFOS data. The approach is simple: Drag and Drop the DAS or DTS file(s) into the LogScope Fiber Window, and immediately view the data. The software allows users to quickly zoom in and choose what is important to work on, for rapid decision making, and then process and export the DFOS data to be integrated with other well or reservoir data.

LogScope Fiber Workflow

· RAPIDLY Load & Review Data

· Distributed Acoustic (DAS)

· Distributed Temperature (DTS)

· QUICKLY Visualize Entire Dataset

· Focus on Area of Interest

· Select Zone of Interest

· Identify Events of Interest

· EASILY Process & Export

· Trim to Zone of Interest

· Down Sampling

· Image Processing

· Digital Processing

· Export in DLIS, HDF5, SEG-Y

Course Timing

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to LogScope FIBER

  • Load Fiber Optic Data

  • Identify & Focus on ‘Zone of Interest’

  • Analyze data/event attributes

  • Image Processing: Binning; Median Filtering

  • Digital Processing: Low Cut, High Cut, Bandpass Filtering; Trimming

  • Export DAS & DTS data in DLIS, HDF5, SEG-Y format

  • Merge FIBER data with other Well Data in LogScope

The course will be given by Tad Bostick and Akkas Manzur. Short biographies are below.

Tad Bostick has over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and has been actively involved in the application of novel sensing and monitoring technologies for oil and gas applications around the world. Tad began his career with Western Geophysical/Western Atlas, working in the areas of surface seismic exploration and borehole seismic logging, and held various positions in field engineering, technical support and product management. In 1997 he joined CiDRA Corporation and led the early development and commercialization of the Clarion® fiber optic in-well seismic system. In 2001, CiDRA’s Optical Sensing Systems group was acquired by Weatherford. There, Tad led the Reservoir Monitoring global product line before becoming Vice President of the Production Optimization global business unit. In 2018, Tad joined Well-SENSE Technology Ltd and as Vice President led Western Hemisphere operations and directed Product Line activities. Tad currently works as an independent consultant.

Akkas Manzur has more than 40 years of experience in the oil and gas service industry ranging from surface seismic to borehole seismic to wireline logging in Field Operations, Geoscience, R&D, Business Development, and Operations Management capacities. Global experience having served in business development and business management roles in both the Western & Eastern Hemisphere for Rogers Exploration, Western Geophysical/Western Atlas/Baker Hughes, and Harvey Rock Physics. Geophysics graduate from the University of Houston with a minor in Geology

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