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LogScope™ Live streaming WITSML Webinar Videos

Updated: Jun 28, 2023


LogScope™ developed by Harvey Rock Physics is uniquely positioned to improve your effectiveness at work. It Allows you to access multiple WITSML servers all from the one application.

The videos on streaming of WITSML functionality of LogScope™ is available below. Learn how easy it is to stream to your iPhone, iPad or Windows device live data and see how you can:

  • Connect to a server in 2 minutes or less

  • Build manipulate and share elegant displays

  • Integrate Drilling, Mudlog data

  • Create Depth or time domain

  • Create personalized alerts on any device

  • Build simple solver equations

  • Add python scripts for demanding computations from live data

There are three videos, iPhone video, Windows Video and the full Webinar video below.


To get an insight into what we will be showing look at the videos below.

Iphone/iPad LogScope Video June2023


LogScope Windows Witsml Video June 2023


Mobility - Practicality - Effectiveness


LogScope WITSML Streaming webinar June 2023

Mobility - Practicality - Effectiveness

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