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LogScope Updates

HRP has continued developing LogScope and has added powerful functionality in LogScope and LogScope Fiber.

In LogScope HRP will shortly be releasing a new version that includes

  • Polar plots for orientated data such as bed dips.

  • Improved search capabilities

  • OSDU access

  • Improved TGS access

The Polar Plots illustrated below allows Stereonets and Polar Plots to be included in plot templates easily and quickly.


Full Petrophysical Interpretation with Dip Picks and Polar Plots

The OSDU and TGS access allows wells to be downloaded and a cross section displayed very quickly. Well selection uses typical criteria however there is the ability to just circle an area and scoop up all the wells in that area that match your criteria.



In LogScope Fiber we have improved processing capabilities to include

  • Frequency energy window

  • Banded frequencyenergy display

  • Binning

  • Segy capability

Investigate more by signing up to our support website here



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