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Strategic software - LogScope

What is LogScope

LogScope as developed by Harvey Rock Physics is a practical and economic solution to log editing. So what are the benefits of LogScope?

  • Mobility - It uses the technology to allow use on both iPad and Windows tablets as well as Windows desktops.

  • Architecture - Takes full advantage of the new Windows and iPad gesture related architecture

  • Cost - The basic package can be subscribed to for around $2000 per annum

  • Feature Rich - It contains a number of the features found in main stream packages such as:

  • LAS import/export

  • DLIS import/export

  • Graphical editing (e.g, Depth matching, Patching etc)

  • Color Image Display - images can be loaded and stored

  • Python Scripting

  • Sets

  • Cross plots

  • Deterministic Log Analysis Model

  • Hard copy plotting to PDF or CGM


Data Editing

To demonstrate the efficiency and versatility of logScope Harvey Rock Physics has posted this short video of editing a well. This well is the same well as used in the textural study post here

The video is below takes the user through the workflow using LogScope to edit the data set. The video is about 12 minutes in length.

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