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Cross Sections

LogScope has gained the ability to create cross sections simply and quickly. You can access the cross section module by selecting multiple wells from the project page. They can then be displayed as a cross section easily and quickly.

Some functionality in the cross section view includes:

  • Maps of well locations

  • Ability to interactively place lines of section on a map.

  • Interactive editing of zone tops

  • Double tap to go into a well and edit it.

  • "on the fly" datum changing

  • Output to CGM, PDF and TIFF format

To place the wells in a cross section one simply selects map view from the project window as shown below.


The line can be either a projected line or a fence line. You choose by selecting the buttons as shown below. Projection line allows you to place a line and the wells are projected to that line. You can zoom (as I have done here) to selected wells.



If you want a fence diagram simply select well lines and select fence. None will give you wells in alphabetic order.


The wells can be reordered in the cross section and horizontally scaled, projected and fixed distance cross sections can be plotted. Any plot that you create in LogScope can be saved as a template and used in future plots. This means VDL, discrete data, color photos can all be displayed in the cross section.

An example of a basic cross section is shown below. Here you can access a pdf with over 150 wells in the section contact us here


A video explaining LogScope Cross Sections is here:

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