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Timely Decision Making

Being able to provide a timely information to decision makers is important for anybody who works in the Energy Sector. A timely graphical screen shot sent on a phone can save significant amounts in time in the decision making process. But such screen shots are static and may not convey the full picture. This usually results in collaborative decisions being made solo and with not quite enough information.

LogScope can address that by:

  • Allowing complete plot and data to be shared on iPhone, iPad and Windows anywhere and anytime.

  • A geologist or analyst can share exactly what they have done with LogScope or LogScope mobile on iPhone.

  • The decision maker can look at things other than displayed such as cross plots, data values and parameters. Reacting to recommended course of action in an informed way.

This first image is from the Windows LogScope version.

This second image is the same on an iPad

This third image is on the iphone

Collaboration with all the stake holders seeing all the information should result in better decisions quicker.




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