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How Much Hydrocarbon?

An area in Petrophysics that has continuing controversy is the challenge of distilling an evaluation down to a few solid numbers that can be related to management and the disciplines that need to have an idea of what and where is potentially productive in a well.

This first example from the North West Shelf of Australia is indisputable. Darcy rock and a significant gas column. There may be petrophysical nuances but you get the picture.


Nice gas column and high permeability. Now suppose someone would like to know if the variation in porosity is significant. One could export the data to excel or a third part package.

We believe such information should be available at your finger tips and we have introduced the hydrocarbon volume report that delivers this as shown below.

This is an excel spreadsheet created directly on from LogScope Mobile and LogScope.

In unconventional reservoirs other logs are important such as TOC, Fracture toughness and brittleness. So lets suppose you can construct the same summary table for the well below from the Permian.

Its even more important to have this information!

A grouping of histograms might look like this:

LogScope family of products allows you to:

  • Choose the curves you wish to create histograms (and save as a template)

  • Export Directly to an Excel Spreadsheet

  • Do this on an iPhone !

  • Have as an accepted excel spreadsheet already. No third party software. No mucking around.

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