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Webinar NMR Petrophysics Workflow using LogScope™

Updated: Aug 6, 2023


The recent post on NMR Petrophysics as output in LogScope™ has generated significant interest.

Harvey Rock Physics is going to present the work flow in a series of webinars. One for Eastern Hemisphere and one for Western Hemisphere.

The functionality will be demonstrated in 30 minutes and show a possible work flow using LogScope.

The webinar is here:

What will be shown is listed as follows:

  1. Loading of data LAS,LIS,DLIS,CSV

  2. Formation top entry

  3. Petrophysical computation

    1. XPlots

    2. Zones

    3. Integrated side plot and manipulation

    4. Plot manipulation to illustrate what you want

  4. Functions - Just some highlights

    1. NMR

    2. Smoothing

  5. Reporting

    1. Hydrocarbon volume report

    2. Excel output

    3. Histograms

  6. Standard CPI plot


Mobility - Practicality - Effectiveness

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Apr 30

Hi. Thank you very much for this webinar. I'm just starting to work in LogScope, it would be cool if you added various elements that simplify the perception of information. For example, you can use this no watermark video editor, thanks a lot in advance

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