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LogScope™ NMR Petrophysics

Updated: Jul 2, 2023


Harvey Rock Physics has included extremely advanced log analysis capabilities built into LogScope™ One can take any T2 data from any vendor and process the data for:

  • Pore throat distribution

  • Clay volume

  • NMR derived porosity independently

The processing is integrated into the petrophysical evaluation and can be run simultaneously with a standard petrophysical evaluation.

The value to the end user is as follows:

  • Can be performed on an iPad in addition to Windows desktop and tablet. This will allow the professional to build an interpretation collaboratively in a conference room, at the core laboratory or at the well site.

  • From the raw data can produce results straight away. No waiting on service company results.

  • Insights into the data can be gleaned immediate on receipt of the data.

Whilst using service company generated T2 distribution is good. HRP also licenses raw echo inversion module developed by CSIRO and this allows an independent NMR T2 distribution be produced. It can process raw echos from all vendors.

An example is shown below:

Integrated NMR and Conventional Petrophysics
Integrated NMR and Conventional Petrophysics

The tracks from left to right are as follows:

  1. Depth and bad hole indicator

  2. Gamma Ray and Rhoma (Matrix density)

  3. Resistivity

  4. Neutron-Density-Sonic-PEF

  5. Raw NMR Echo's

  6. T2 distribution derived from NMR

  7. Pore Space Bins

  8. Spectral Gamma (Color Fill as R=U,G=T,B=K)

  9. Clay type from Spectral Gamma

  10. Total and effective porosity infilled with movable and immovable hydrocarbon

  11. Deterministic lithology based on silty shaley sand

  12. Saturation (Total and effective)

  13. Permeability computed from both T2 distribution and open hole logs using coates


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