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Cement Bond Integrity Script

LogScope has a Python Scripting module (Python 2.7) available and it can be purchased here. One of the features of the module is the ability to access zone parameters without having to code depths into your script. The zone parameters have the following features:

Stored automatically with the well data

Relate to the zone intervals created in LogScope

Zones can be stored in a master database for each formation that (assuming you have latitude and longitude) is geographically sensitive and zone (or formation sensitive)

HRP will be including a script in LogScope distributions that does a basic computation of bond index and strength based on chart books (we'd like to thank Robert Charlebois for his help in this script). This script produces the following outputs:

  • Bond Index

  • UCS strength

  • Cement integrity Flag

The inputs are as follows:

  • Casing Thickness - Thickness of casing

  • Casing weight - Weight of casing

  • Casing integrity flag cutoff - cutoff for Bond index.

The script for LogScope can be downloaded here.

The original log looks like this

This is the Python script which has the following features:

The parameters such as thickness and casing size are zone parameters so zones (requires log analysis module) can be set up to correspond to various casing sizes.

The outputs can be assigned to a new group so multiple parameter sets can be run and the output compared.

The final output is a simple display showing the bond index and the signal as a VDL and waveform

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