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LogScope Release

Harvey Rock Physics would like to announce a new release of LogScope. The package is available on the iTunes store and the windows store.

The release has new features included which includes the following:

  • Discrete Data loading, display and manipulation

  • Log Analysis updated with global parameter store that is geographically sensitive. This will allow users to store the parameters used in one log analysis in another.

  • Hydrocarbon correction added. In gas filled reservoirs porosity gets over estimated. The ability to accommodate the hydrocarbon density is important it pulls the points back to the matrix line when neutron logs are affected by the excavation affect. See our blog on Hydrocarbon affect for more information

  • Various fixes for CGM/PDF generation. The generation of true scale PDF and CGM format files for plotting etc has had some minor fixes included.

  • Dataview allows editing of values. The user can now edit in the data view individual log values.

  • The Data View and Header Layout has been improved to allow easier reading of parameters.

  • Header view modified to display essential values used in Log Analysis. Even if the parameters used in the log analysis don't exist in the LAS file, LogScope will now display these so the values can be filled in.

  • Editing of all shading components can be accessed from Edit in the menu bar

  • Shading includes moved hydrocarbon/hydrocarbon flagging. (shows red for gas, green for oil etc)

  • Manual has been updated to reflect these changes.


Discrete data is designed to integrate with the continuous data and can be cross plotted, displayed on plots and manipulated like continuous data. This enables depth shifting and the use of solver and scripting on the data.

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