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LogScope Mobile Functionality Seminar

Harvey Rock Physics is offering an introductory course for LogScope Mobile.

LogScope Mobile is based on iPhone and iPad devices and allows the viewing and analysis of well data from multiple data sources (internal and external). In this course, we will focus on the following data types/sources: WITSML, DLIS, LAS and soon OSDU.

This course will be offered on the following date and time(s):

  • August 13th, 2020 at 10:00am CDT (US Central Daylight Time)

  • August 13th, 2020 at 10:00am AWST (Australian Western Standard Time)

Please use the "links" below to register for the course:

Intended Audience: Individuals who are either working from home or having to work with people remotely and need to monitor well activity on mobile devices and make well decisions or collaborate with team members with confidence.

The course content is as follows:

  • Download LogScope Mobile

  • Registering to activate trial

  • WITSML data loading

  • LAS, DLIS and CSV data loading

  • Basic display functionality

  • Metadata viewing such as header information

  • Tabular data viewing

  • Statistics

  • Functions

    • Single curve functions

    • Solver

    • Scripting

  • Cross plots

    • User defined

    • Petrophysical and special application

  • Ternary Diagrams

  • Petrophysical Interpretation

    • Conventional

    • NMR

    • Rock Mechanics

    • TOC

    • Hydrocarbon Volume Report

  • Exporting plots

  • Maps (e.g., shape files)

  • Cross sections

For those who wish to interactively “follow along” we suggest that the attendees have available an iPad or iPhone device.

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