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Mapping features in in LogScope !

HRP introduces another first for LogScope. We innovated and introduced the world to gesture based log interpretation that includes:

  • Log Display on iPad and Windows Tablets/Desktops in general

  • Log Interpretation on iPad and Windows Tablets and desktops

  • Petrophysical interpretation on iPads and Windows Tablets/Desktops

But now we will shortly be releasing enhanced mapping capability:

  • Import shape files showing any feature into LogScope

  • Pinch and squeeze causes all features to auto update and change according to zoom view

  • You can see where the wells are in relation to your leases, competitors leases and other features.


We will also be releasing an enhanced quick correlation tool to the cross section and this is shown in the video below. Essentially if you have a feature correlated it finds the nearest spatial feature and offers that as a choice when you tap the point on the log that you wish to correlate. You still are able to:

  • Move the formation up or down

  • Change formation name

If you change the name it will use the new name across the section as shown in the video below

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