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LogScope Cloud Based Integration

There is an undeniable push to cloud based storage and centralization of data repositories that ostensibly are more economic and provide broader reach of data to stakeholders. Which cloud storage system or even a mixture of cloud storage systems can be a challenging because of compliance issues such as where data is actually stored and who actually owns the infrastructure.

Regardless of these issues, being able to quickly and easily access your data, any time and any where is important. Should you be tied to one particular cloud solution and does it matter?

HRP has developed LogScope from the ground up on brand new infrastructure. The new infrastructure associated with iOS and latest Windows operating systems are feature rich and not legacy which means LogScope can effortlessly take advantage and leverage the storage and computational systems being developed in the cloud. This is the beauty of having an application that is not tied to a specific cloud system. We can work with any cloud based storage system.

This post demonstrates some of that work through a number of videos that are instructive. What's notable is how easy logScope makes transferring data from one cloud storage system to another. This is demonstrated in the second video which takes a data set from TGS and produces a cross section. Simple upload and download functionality from Well To Desk. The final video shows a data set from Halliburton's Xspace data delivery solution and places it in Well To Desk.

We welcome inquiries and opportunities to present this in person and we can be reached at


The video below shows Xspace being accessed from an iPhone.

The video below shows TGS being accessed from Windows.


The video below shows Well To Desk and Xspace on Windows 10. Also shows cross cloud population.

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